• Byron Shire Council is misleading our community

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    We need to show Byron Shire Council just how much damage they will do to local businesses and local jobs if they proceed with this proposal.


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    before 31 October 2022.

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    “Short term accommodation is very important to the Byron market and visitor economy. Many visitors to our restaurant for both events and leisure travel choose to stay with private short-term accommodation providers. It’s important this option remains available to visitors so local businesses remain viable.”

    Ben Kirkwood, Beach Byron Bay

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    “Byron Bay is built off the back of a strong tourism industry. That industry is reliant on having a diverse mix of private short term accommodation options. If the Shire effectively wipes these out, they’re going to hurt a lot of businesses and put people out of work.”

    Grant Moffitt, Away at Byron Bay

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    “If we don’t have the work coming in to maintain these properties, we’ll have to assess if we can stay in business.”

    Nick, Pool Professionals

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    “Council needs to fully appreciate just how popular these short-term rental options are for Byron. If we lose our tourist customers as will happen if they have nowhere to stay, Council is basically putting up the closed sign. I really worry about the future of the town. There are a lot of jobs linked not only with these accommodation providers but the small businesses in hospitality and events that need a strong tourism economy.”

    Che Devlin, Byron Bay Weddings & Fig Tree Restaurant

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    "Being one of the biggest employers in town, we have a clear perspective on this issue. We do not believe this Council proposal will have a positive effect on housing availability or affordability. What it will do is have an adverse impact on tourism which the town’s employment is built on. This is a knee jerk response. They won’t get the outcome they are seeking but they will do a lot of damage to Byron Bay."

    Norm Black, TripADeal

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    “The retail economy in Byron needs tourists. It’s very simple – when you are on holiday, you spend more. If Council takes away short term rentals, tourism drops and retail suffers. This cannot be offset or avoided in a town like Byron Bay where tourism is everything."

    Charlie Montano, Footwear Focus Byron Bay

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    "If Byron Shire Council goes through with this, it will be absolutely devastating to the region. There are a lot of jobs linked to accommodation providers and their visitors. Council needs to re-think this before it’s too late."

    Reid Campbell, Byron Bay Holiday Hire